July 1, 2011

Nina Ricci Resort 2012

I don't think of Nina Ricci the same as when Olivier Theyskens was there, but I'm trying to embrace this new Ricci. I feel like it's a throwback to the [#]ties, but I don't know what era because I only have very recent fashion knowledge. It's like the clothes are ill fitted, but meant to be that way. The scrunches around certain areas make it look awkward, and sort of endearing. I do like some of those scrunchy-pleating, but what I really like are the few pieces that seem light and effortless (reminiscent of Theyskens). The last dress I picked for this entry is simply striking.

Versace Resort 2012

It may have been the lighting, or the young model, but this collection seemed much more lighter and youthful than other Versace collections. And for that alone, I liked it. Oh, and for the wonderful splashes of color in those lively prints!